No basic lingerie is sold here, only spicy ones. Of course, our lingerie is for day-to-day use, but only if you're a spicy b*tch looking to slay every moment!
Darling, we don't do returns. Our lingerie is like a spicy love affair—once it's on, it's on! We have a no-return policy for hygienic reasons. So, before you hit that purchase button, double-check the size guide, make sure it's the one, and get ready to own it, no turning back!
Absolutely! Your order is as hot as it gets, and we want you to know exactly when it's going to spice up your life. Check your email for a tracking number, and get ready to anticipate the sizzling delivery!
Sweetheart, we're all about that perfect fit. Unfortunately, exchanges are as rare as finding a unicorn in stilettos. Be sure to consult our size guide before ordering, and if you're still unsure, slide into our DMs for some spicy advice.
Oh, honey! We believe in comfort with a side of sizzle. Our lingerie is made to make you feel as good as you look. It's like a hug from your favorite fantasy – snug, sexy, and ready to slay.
Treat it like the queen it is! Hand wash in confidence, lay it flat to dry, and keep it away from the fiery depths of your dryer. Your lingerie will love you back by keeping the spice alive and well.
Honey, our lingerie doesn't believe in limitations! Whether it's a hot date, a wild night out, or your personal runway at home, our pieces are versatile enough to make any occasion extra spicy. Embrace it – you're the star of your own show!
Oh, you cheeky cupid! Absolutely, you can. Just make sure you know their size and style – we've got the spice; you bring the surprise. Your gift will be the talk of the town, and we'll keep your secret like the best-kept recipe.