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Spiced Lingerie



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What You’re Getting:

  • Set Includes: Bodysuit & Chocker
  • Underwired
  • Fabric: Polyester & Synthetic Leather
  • Exclusive

Introducing the "Selena" Bodysuit, a tantalizing fusion of allure and mystique that transcends ordinary lingerie. Crafted with the finest spandex material, this crotchless one-piece is a testament to daring fashion, redefining sensuality with each meticulous stitch.

Immerse yourself in the dark elegance of gothic aesthetics, as the black mesh envelops your curves with a subtle, yet undeniable, allure. The intricate fishnet patchwork adorns strategic areas, teasing the boundaries between restraint and liberation. The front buckle adds a touch of mystique, inviting exploration with every glance.

Designed for the confident and bold, the "Selena" Bodysuit boasts a slight stretch, ensuring a snug fit that accentuates your silhouette. The fabric whispers against the skin, a gentle mesh that invites touch without revealing all its secrets. A skinny fit complements your contours, allowing you to embrace your femininity with grace and confidence.

This two-piece set includes a collar that complements the bodysuit, creating a cohesive ensemble that exudes a magnetic charm. The solid pattern, free from excessive decoration, emphasizes the understated allure of simplicity, allowing you to express your inner goddess without compromise.

Indulge in the provocative allure of the "Selena" Bodysuit — a bewitching ensemble that transcends the ordinary, celebrating the beauty of confidence and self-expression. Each wear is a statement, a testament to your unique blend of strength and sensuality. Discover the enchantment that lies within, and let the "Selena" Bodysuit be your canvas for seduction and self-discovery.

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M 37 71-90 70 59 71
L 39 75-94 74 60 74
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