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Spiced Lingerie



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What You’re Getting:

  • Set includes: Corset, Panties and Chocker
  • Fabric: Polyester 
  • Closure Type: Back Closure
  • Underwire
  • Exclusive

In the enchanting realm of desire, the "Unholly" Lingerie Set emerges as a masterpiece of seduction, a symphony of linen and lace that whispers of untold fantasies. With a style that effortlessly embodies allure, this lingerie transcends the ordinary, weaving a story of sensuality and empowerment.

Crafted from the finest linen, the fabric caresses the skin, inviting a tactile connection that is both provocative and exquisite. The solid pattern, a canvas of temptation, drapes the body in an embrace that leaves little to the imagination. The underwire support, a subtle ally, enhances the natural allure, creating a silhouette that is both daring and captivating.

The bra, unlined and fearless, beckons with a three-quarters cup shape, teasing and revealing in perfect harmony. The ultra-thin yet substantial mold cup invites a dance of contrasts, a play of light and shadow that accentuates the artistry of the feminine form. The adjusted and non-convertible straps offer a bespoke fit, ensuring that every movement is a symphony of desire.

The "Unholly" set, with its back closure, invites a moment of unveiling, a ritual of passion that begins with the subtle release of fabric. This lingerie, adorned with none but the raw essence of its design, is a celebration of simplicity and sophistication.

As you slip into the "Unholly" Lingerie Set, you become a living canvas of desire, an embodiment of the feminine mystique. Let this be more than an ensemble; let it be a journey into the depths of your sensuality, an exploration of the uncharted territories of passion. Because with each delicate thread of linen, the "Unholy" set invites you to embrace the unspoken and celebrate the unholy allure that resides within.

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M 70-90 14 70-94 21
L 74-94 15 74-98 22
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